Thursday, August 20, 2009

Läderach and Snickers ?!

Hello! You can't see what's written on the different chocolates, bad photo, but it's: café au lait, cacao, almond, framboise and again almond. Good for me, almond is the best! A friend gave us those -they're from Läderach chocolatier. I often walk by that chocolatier but I didn't notice it.

Today I walked through the street where the new chocolatier I told you about in a previous post is supposed to open. But all I saw through an opening of the cover were marble walls and a hell lot of dust and unfinished work. Doesn't look like it's opening in August :(

Edit: Aha, I forgot, I ate a snickers bar today! I eat those once in a while.


theweb said...

Keep us informed about the new chocolatier!

cathyjack66 said...

Hi Julian,

I hope someone is making you an extra special chocolate cake today. Enjoy every minute of your special day. I'm loving your blog and learning a lot about chocolate. Yum!!!!!!


Julian said...

Actually someone did bake me a cake with chocolate chunks in it! It was a great day, thank you!